In cooperation with our supplier, we design and manufacture voltage regulators for voltage regulation in paper, plastic, and all kinds of rewrapped materials. Versatility, reliability and maximum efficiency, along with simple calibration and use, compact size and low cost are the main features that have enabled RE pull controllers to succeed over the years worldwide.



Pyxis is an analog amp for microprocessor controlled, compact and easy to use.

It is installed on flexographic, rotary machines, cutting machines, etc. to detect the pull in the tread of the running material. Its HW / SW configuration reduces signal processing times and allows up to four strain gauges to be connected.

Pyxis has only 3 calibration and programming buttons and a 3-digit display that always shows the selected function or stroke value.

Strain gauge inputs and outputs for connection to your PLC or control system can be selected in voltage (mV) or current (mA).


Antlia is an electropneumatic converter that helps you achieve the highest accuracy of material pull; it is recommended for an excellent price / performance ratio and can be used for both open and closed loop control.

Compact dimensions (32x34x64 mm) make it easy to install near the brake or clutch to which it is attached to achieve maximum performance.

Antlia fairly transforms the input electric signal into a pneumatic signal.


Aries is a potentiometer for controlling the pull of the material with a dancer. It may seem obvious, but for accurate material regulation, it is also necessary that this device is massive and of good quality as well as the ARIES potentiometer.

The quality and tenacity of the ARIES potentiometer can be seen through a glass fiber reinforced plastic construction, an aluminum body, a double ball bearing, a steel shaft and an IP54 protection.