Side feed

Safety tilting bearings make it very easy to load and unload the rolls into and out of the machine by tilting the flange and inserting the roll into the jaws. One bearing with output shaft can be installed for drive or brake. The standard design is a square of 40 x 40 mm, we also have other dimensions.

The side feed bearings allow the operator to simply control the edge of the unwound material while running sideways. The feed rate can be in the range of +/- 25 mm or +/- 50 mm. Sometimes these bearings are used when the machine is fitted with inconsistent shafts to compensate for differences in shaft width.

For all bearings, the foot and flange versions and the output shaft are available exactly as per your specifications. Bearings are often used on winding or unwinding racks and wherever torque transmission is needed.


This storage minimizes vibration and jumping of the roll at high speeds. The roller unfolds more stable because all the load is centered on the circular profile and the torque is transmitted using a square. Such a deposit does not clink and almost does not waste it.

With this type of bearing, the bearing transfers also a lateral displacement from one bearing to the other.


Folding bearings that automatically close automatically when rotated, so 100% prevent the shaft from falling out of the housing. It is a certified system that meets even the most demanding safety standards.



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