Moment activated

Mechanical clamping heads are among the most commonly used solutions for hydraulic unwinding racks. They are suitable for unwinding high-weight rolls on high-speed machines. They are activated by a torque. As the roller is rolled out, the output segments are activated by fully clamping and centering the hollow. Fine jaws prevent excessive dust generation and allow rollers to roll up to the last layers. The greater the pull in the material, the greater the clamping moment of the head - the sleeve does not have the chance to rewind. The heads are virtually maintenance-free, unblocked due to dust in the jaws and reliably work with steel or glass fibers.


  • Robust body with high load capacity
  • The flange made to the customer is always tailored
  • Suitable for most unwinding racks
  • Simple, maintenance-free and cost-effective solutions

Available models and designs:


The most used model is particularly suitable for the paper industry and corrugated cardboard machines, where rolls are always processed with only one diameter of the socket. We offer versions from 70 mm to 12 "with the possibility of further modifications.


Compared to the S type, this modular model offers the option of simply replacing the head body on the flange with the pin, allowing for rapid adaptation to the various diameters processed. This model greatly reduces downtime when changing material and thus increases flexibility and efficiency of work. The load always depends on the inner pin, and the various combinations are summarized in the technical document.


The two to three-point body allows the clamping of different diameters of the tubes without removing the head. The design has a slightly longer body, but it is ideal for applications with very frequent changes in the diameter of the socket.


The roller roll automatically throws an empty hollow out of the machine by means of a spring or a hydraulic or pneumatic piston mounted on the machine arm.

Options & Supplements:

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